Visiting a circus can be a very enchanting experience, especially with the colours, the smells and the overwhelming atmosphere; it is a unique experience that anyone may remember.  This project shares a curiosity of the people within the circus and not just the performance, to which it became a visual experience in learning about the community working together to bring the public joy.

The project shares two different circuses, I joined together as one community as a representation of the artists experience in travelling as a way of life. Although differences between the two circuses exist,  I discovered that the communities have something in common; a desire to preserve their persona, a character, as I am a stranger veiled with a camera.

While photographing, I felt the images should be in black and white. I learnt the colours and the lights predominately guide the experience of a circus for an audience; it is a distraction to the surroundings. The audience is controlled to what the circus would like them to see, I neglected the colour in hope to convey the entity beneath the veil rather than the veil itself.